Krista Knudson


Southern Wisconsin (Beloit/Janesville/Monroe), USA

Undergraduate Education:

Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Edgewood College, 2002

Graduate Education:

Master of Science in Nursing, Yale University, 2008

Research Interests:

Acute care, cardiac mechanical support devices/ECMO, social justice, global health

Publications and Presentations:


2015. Crossman, M.K., Kazdin, A.E., & Knudson, K. (in press). Brief unstructured interaction with a dog reduces distress.Anthrozoös.


2015. Crossman, M.K., Kazdin, A.E., & Knudson, K. “Brief interactions with a dog reduce stress: A proof of concept study” poster presentation. Annual convention of the Association of Psychological Science, New York, NY

2015. Knudson, K., Funk, M., Fennie, K., Holland, M. (2015). “Impact of Monitor Watchers on Nurses’ Knowledge of Electrocardiographic Monitoring and Accuracy of Arrhythmia Detection in the PULSE Trial” podium presentation. Eastern Nursing Research Society, Washington, DC.

2014. Marjorie Funk, Kristopher P Fennie, Kimberly Stephens, Jeanine L May, Catherine Winkler, Pei-Shiun Chang, Shelli Feder, Krista Knudson, Leonie Rose Bovino, Yasemin Turkman, Barbara J Drew, PULSE Site Investigators. “The Practical Use of the Latest Standards of Electrocardiography (PULSE) Trial: Nursing-Focused Intervention Improves Nurses’ Knowledge and Quality of ECG Monitoring” poster presentation. American Heart Association, Chicago, IL

2013. Knudson, K. “VA ECMO: Bridge to Bridge to Recovery” poster presentation. Extracorporeal Life Support Organization conference, Keystone, CO.

2008. “Management of Malaria in the Acute Care Setting”. Master’s Thesis, Yale University School of Nursing

Extracurricular Activities:

Hiking, camping, travel, animal-assisted therapy, civics, curling, gardening