Qinglan (Priscilla) Ding


Guangzhou, China

Undergraduate Education:

BS, Michigan State University

Graduate Education:

MBBS, Sichuan Medical University, Sichuan, China
MS, Adult/Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner specialization, Purdue University

Research Interests:

Sleep, sleep disorders, and the associated cardiovascular morbidity, such as heart failure and stroke; quality of life for individuals with neurological or cardiovascular diseases; health care quality improvement

Publications and Presentations:


Ding, Q., Yehle, K. S., Edwards, N. E., & Griggs, R. R. (2014). Geriatric Heart Failure: Awareness, Evaluation, and Treatment in Primary Care. The Journal for Nurse Practitioners,10(1), 49-54.

DeCrane, S. K., Stark, L. D., Johnston, B., Lim, E., Hicks, M. K., & Ding, Q. (2014). Pain,opioids, and confusion after arthroplasty in older adults. Orthop Nurs, 33(4), 226-232:

Ding, Q. (In Press). Daytime Sleepiness in Stroke Survivors: an Integrative Review. Biological Research for Nursing


Ding, Q. M.P., Knauert, N.S. Redeker, & D. Samuel (April, 2014). The impacts of Environmental Stressors on Patients’ Nighttime Sleep: Perceptions of Patients, Families and Health Care Team. Poster presentation at the Eastern Nursing Research Society 26th Annual Scientific Sessions, Philadelphia, PA.

Ding, Q. & S. DeCrane (March, 2013). An adapted cognitive reserve model using pain management for delirium prevention. Poster Presentation at Midwest NursingResearch Society Annual Research Conference, Chicago, Illinois.

Extracurricular Activities:

Minister of Cultural Affairs, Association of Chinese Students and Scholars (ACSSY), Yale University; Performance Dancer, Ya-Le Chinese Dance Troupe, Yale University & Xi Wang Dance Company