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AJN Book of the Year Awarded to Nancy Redeker's Textbook

January 24, 2012

sleep disorders textbook.The American Journal of Nursing (AJN) named Sleep Disorders and Sleep Promotion in Nursing Practice a Book of the Year for 2011. AJN's panel of judges chose the most valuable texts of 2011, published in the January 2012 issue of the journal.

The graduate-level nursing textbook was edited by Nancy Redeker, PhD, RN, FAAN, Yale School of Nursing Professor and Associate Dean for Scholarly Affairs, and Geoffry Phillips McEnany, PhD, APRN, BC, Professor of Nursing at UMass Lowell.

The award states, "This well-written book provides a thorough exploration of sleep disorders. It outlines nursing care and guidelines to assist in the workup for sleep disturbances. As many geriatric patients experience such disorders, it’s extremely relevant for nurses caring for this population." The AJN judges also state that the book, "provides information on a topic that’s not always covered in curriculum but is relevant to all patients."

Sleep Disorders and Sleep Promotion in Nursing Practice is the first comprehensive, evidence-based resource for nurses on the prevention and treatment of sleep disorders, along with the promotion of healthy sleep habits. Focused on individuals and families across the lifespan and in multiple health care settings, the volume presents core knowledge, latest scientific findings, and clinical guidance for assessment and intervention.

Dr. Redeker’s research has addressed sleep in patients undergoing cardiac surgery and those with heart failure. Her work has contributed to our understanding of how sleep disturbances affect recovery, physical functioning, emotional wellbeing, and quality of life. Her research has been funded by the National Institute of Nursing Research, the American Heart Association, the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses, and the American Nurses Foundation. Redeker received the Nursing Research Award from the Heart Failure Society of America and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing and the American Heart Association. She is currently President of the Eastern Nursing Research Society and Editor of Heart & Lung: The Journal of Acute and Critical Care.

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