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Community Action Makes for Healthy Neighbors

February 1, 2009

YSN's Student Diversity Action Committee is taking action to improve the health of its neighbors. Among other activities, members of SDAC joined forces with a coalition of student volunteers from across Yale to put on a health fair.

The fair was held in February at the Church Street South Apartments, a housing project located one block from YSN, and was open to the entire New Haven community.

The Community Health Fair drew volunteers from 15 area health and community groups.

More than 140 New Haven residents received "health passports" to record information resulting from screening exams, including height, weight, body mass index, blood glucose level, blood pressure, and vision.

Health care workers met with attendees to discuss their results and develop plans for follow-up care; some made appointments on the spot.

Residents also learned about issues like nutrition, disease prevention, and obtaining medical insurance.

The first Healthy Neighbors Day took place in November 2008, and grew out of a connection Everol Ennis '09 formed with the Church Street South community in 2007.