Gina Novick, CNM, PhD

Gina Novick

Associate Professor of Nursing and Midwifery/Women’s Health Interim Specialty Coordinator

Yale School of Nursing - Room 22104

phone: 203-737-5390
fax: 203-785-6455



Gina Novick is an Associate Professor and Interim Specialty Coordinator at Yale School of Nursing in the nurse-midwifery specialty. Dr. Novick received her BA from Wesleyan University, her BSN from Columbia University, and her MSN in midwifery from Yale University. She received her PhD from in 2009 and completed a post-doctoral fellowship in 2011, both at Yale.

She most recently received the Nightingale Nursing Award for Excellence in Nursing in 2015 and was also awarded the Midwifery Research Award from the Connecticut Affiliate of the American College of Nurse-Midwives in 2011.

Research Interests/Clinical Practice

Research Interests

Dr. Novick’s research and policy interests focus on understanding and implementing alternatives to conventional models of maternity care, including freestanding birth centers and group prenatal care. Her research examines the experience of low income, minority women receiving group prenatal care as well as barriers and facilitators to implementing, providing, and sustaining group prenatal care in prenatal clinics

Clinical Practice

Dr. Novick has provided midwifery care to women in a wide range of clinical settings over the last 30 years and currently practices with the Yale Midwifery Faculty Practice.

Selected Publications/Presentations


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