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Linda Honan, PhD, MSN, CNS-BC, RN

PellicoProfessor of Nursing

Division of Acute Care/Health Systems

Yale School of Nursing - Rm 20407
Yale University West Campus
P.O. Box 27399
West Haven, CT 06516


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Linda Honan is a professor who has taught in the GEPN Program since 1989; she is responsible for Medical Surgical Nursing didactic (N517a), clinical education in N516a, and Applied Anatomy (N511a).

Dr. Honan obtained her nursing diploma from the Meriden-Wallingford Hospital School of Nursing, a BSN from Southern Connecticut State University, her MSN from YSN, and her PhD at the University of Connecticut.

Honan is a nurse scholar and clinical educator dedicated to understanding and developing effective and innovative techniques for clinical education. She has been recognized for her creativity and the development of novel and effective teaching strategies for adult learners with numerous awards. Her research reveals that diagnostic observations can be significantly improved by training in the visual examination of works of art, that the narratives of student experiences can give insight into the process of learning nursing, and aural training with music improves auscultative abilities. She spearheaded the development of the Creative Writing Award and created the books, "Do you see what I see?" which are compilations of students journaling. Additionally, she developed a state wide public education program "Have Bones, Will Travel" which introduces elementary school children to human anatomy with an emphasis on health and safety.

She edited the first medical surgical textbook for accelerated nursing programs, andhas published qualitative and quantitative research on graduate entry programs, and pedagogy related to integration of the humanities into nursing education. She is dedicated to understanding and developing effective and innovative techniques for clinical education.

Research interests

Education of adult learners, creative teaching strategies, Interprofessional education, qualitative clinical research, and narrative inquiry.

Clinical practice

Precepts students on 6-4 (Surgical trauma unit) at Yale New Haven Hospital

Selected publications

Honan, L., Funk, M., Maynard, M., Fahs, D., Clark, J.T., & David, Y., (In Press) Listening to Nurses' Perspectives on Clinical Alarms, American Journal of Critical Care.

Honan, L., Fahs, D. B., Talwalkar, J.S, & Kayingo, J. (2015) Interprofessional learning: Perceptions of first year health students. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, 5(6), 39-49.

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Selected Professional Honors or Recognition

2014-2015: Selected as presenter for Inspiring Yale; thisevent showcases the work of various thought leaders from all 13 schools at Yale.

2013: Selected as one of 90 Nurses for 90 years of Yale School of Nursing

2013: Elected as a 2013 Fellow of the NLN Academy of Nursing Education

2011: Connecticut Nurses’ Association Josephine A. Dolan Award for Outstanding Contribution in Nursing Education

2009: Yale University Alumni Association Leadership Award

2009: Yale University School of Nursing Special Recognition Alumni Award

2008: Yale University School of Nursing, Commencement Faculty Marshall

2007: Yale School of Nursing, Center for Excellence in Chronic Illness ‘Excellence in Caring in Chronic Illness Award’

2005: Yale University School of Nursing, Annie W. Goodrich Award for Excellence in Teaching

2003: Fellow, Saybrook College, Yale University

2001: Yale University ‘Seton Ivy Award’ for ‘Have Bones will Travel’

2000: Sigma Theta Tau, Delta Mu Chapter, Donna Diers Mentorship Award

1999: Sigma Theta Tau, Delta Mu Chapter, Leadership Award

1996: Yale University School of Nursing, Annie W. Goodrich Award for Excellence in Teaching