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In 2014, global health programs were offered in Laos, Hong Kong, Japan and two sites in Nicaragua. 

Programs include: 




  • Exploring Traditional Midwifery Practices in Japan. 

    This was the second year YSN midwifery students and faculty traveled to Japan to explore traditional Japanese birthing practices and women-centered models of pregnancy care. YSN students participated in focus groups at St. Luke’s College of Nursing and Fukuoka Prefectural University, discussed traditional midwifery philosophy and learned about practices including acupuncture and acupressure during labor. Students continued to build relationships with Japanese midwifery students for ongoing exchange of ideas and professional development. During the experience, YSN faculty and students presented several lectures at universities and a local Rotary Club.


  • Yale Midwifery Teaching the WHO Essentials of Newborn Care in Laos.

    2014 was the first year of YSN’s midwifery project in Laos. One faculty and 2 students collaborated with CleanBirth.org, a New Haven-based NGO that provides Clean Birth kits and focuses on training community nurses and health promoters in the basics of safe birthing practices. During the 2 weeks in Laos the YSN group trained 67 nurses and district health workers using WHO’s Essentials of Newborn Care. They also taught the fundamentals of normal birth, breech presentation, management of nuchal cord, newborn stimulation, hypothermia prevention and breastfeeding initiation. Students were exposed to the Laotian health system, culture, and community life. This work will be continued next year in collaboration with CleanBirth organization and the on-the-ground Laotian partners.