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Psyche Philips receives the 2012 Community Service Award

April 23, 2012

Psyche PhillipsAt the annual Sybil Palmer Bellos Lecture held on April 18, the 2012 Yale University School of Nursing Community Service Award was presented by Dean Margaret Grey to Psyche Philips. Below is the citation read by Dean Grey highlighting Phillips' outsanding service to the community:

"The 2012 Community Service Award recipient has contributed a great deal to the Yale University and New Haven Communities through her passion for global health, her enthusiasm for international nursing opportunities, and clinical outreach within the YSN community. She is the student coordinator of the Yale International Nursing Group and demonstrates a tireless commitment to the group and its cause. She fosters student communication and collaboration with faculty on matters regarding international clinical opportunities and global health awareness. She puts energy into this selflessly and is supportive of all students and their individual interests in global health opportunities. She is deeply committed to advancing international health education at YSN and was recently awarded the Yale Downs Fellowship, which supports graduate and professional students who undertake health-related research primarily in low- and middle-income countries.

As a former director of the HAVEN Free Clinic, she provided medical care and coordination of clinical services for the underserved patients in the Fair Haven community. She also provided support and direction for students in a variety of clinical roles, interpretation for Spanish-speaking patients, and promoted clinical collaboration among Yale's future medical professionals. She continues to show an ongoing commitment to HAVEN and its student volunteers, and continues to maintain a strong presence in the community. She is also a board member for Yale Health Ecosystem, which is dedicated to fostering cross-disciplinary discussions that address current socio-economic and political issues in healthcare.

As committed as she is to improving the delivery of healthcare to those in need, she takes the extra step of a true leader. She challenges herself with new roles, puts herself in leadership positions and is committed to serving others humbly and with little fanfare.  She knows there is much to learn and much to experience and therefore exposes herself to new client interactions and new roles as provider and client advocate. She performs her duties with the utmost professionalism and grace.  She is effective in her various roles and is held in high regard by her peers and colleagues alike.

The following statements were made in support of her nomination for this award: 

… a powerful attribute of Yale School of Nursing…Clients recognize her commitment. Peers recognize her dedication.  Colleagues recognize her potential.  It is time for YSN to recognize [her] as the embodiment of community service in a graduate student.

Not only does [she] have a personal commitment to the community and global health, but she encourages and inspires others to pursue their interests in gaining international experiences and bringing health care delivery to our most-needed populations. Her efforts truly encompass the mission of YSN to provide better health for all people.

For her compassion, deep commitment and significant contributions to her community, the Yale University School of Nursing is proud to present the 2012 Community Service Award to Psyche Philips."