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YSN in the community.

YSN in the Community

YSN is committed to improving the health of the local community, especially among the community’s most vulnerable populations. By partnering with several New Haven and Yale University programs and organizations, YSN helps provide health education and mentorship to public school students, promotes diversity through training and education, and increases opportunities for high school students to pursue university education and careers in health.

Many of the School’s faculty, students, and staff volunteer at institutions and nonprofit organizations where they live and work. Their dedication to community service and their wealth of local, regional, and international expertise enables YSN to continue to provide leadership in nursing education, research, and clinical practice.

Below are several programs with which YSN faculty and students participate:

Have Bones, Will Travel

Have Bones, Will Travel is a program offered by YSN to elementary, middle, and high schools in New Haven. The program aims to educate students about the marvels of the human body through creative and fun activities in order to better understand the decisions that impact their long-term health.

HAVEN Free Clinic

The HAVEN Free Clinic is a student-run primary care clinic partnered with Fair Haven Community Health Center (FHCHC) and Yale University. The Clinic's model is unique in its inclusion of students across the disciplines of medicine, nursing, physician’s associates, and public health. Since opening its doors in November 2005, the Clinic has conducted over 4000 adult patient visits, representing more than 450 unique patients.

Healthy Neighbors

Healthy Neighbors is a community partnership between the Yale health professions schools and the Church Street South housing development, focused on teaching health promotion and prevention, fostering a healthy environment, and empowering the youth at Church Street South. They provide daily after-school tutoring, weekly health education and wellness-focused activities, and seasonal health fairs.

Community Service Award

Each year since 1994, YSN has presented a student with a Community Service Award in recognition of that individual's outstanding contributions to the New Haven community in the delivery of health care or volunteered their time through other community outreach efforts. See a list of all recipients here.


Dr and Mrs Salovey

Salovey Family Nursing Scholarship

“I suggested a scholarship at the University, and having loved being a nurse for so long, I brought up the idea of a student scholarship at YSN.”


Margaret Grey

Margaret Grey ’76

“Yale has been so important to my husband’s and my lives that we are taking action to help support YSN students.”


Helen Chuan

Helen Chuan ’52

“I was so happy and satisfied since day one at YSN. It gave me the foundation to develop in many ways, not just in nursing, but also as a person.”


fountain pen

Scholarship Recipients 2014-15

We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of the many donors and groups who have enabled the next generation of Yale Nursing leaders.