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YSN in the Community

YSN in the communityToday, YSN is recognized throughout Greater New Haven for its role in improving the health of our local community, especially among the community's most vulnerable populations, for providing health education and mentorship in public schools, for advancing diversity training and education throughout Yale University, and for increasing opportunities for high school students to pursue university education and careers in the allied health sciences. In many of these initiatives, YSN has partnered with the Yale Office of New Haven and State Affairs, and continues to provide a broad range of resources to the greater Yale University community in improving the quality of life in New Haven and in the State of Connecticut.

In addition to being involved in the School-sponsored community partnerships, the majority of our faculty, students and staff also volunteer at institutions and not for profit organizations where they live and work. Their dedication to community service and their wealth of local, regional and international expertise enables YSN to continue to provide leadership in nursing education, research and clinical practice.

Student Diversity Action Committee
SDAC is the student arm of the Diversity Action Committee (DAC), and works to make YSN a safe space for students of all backgrounds. SDAC comes together to discuss concerns, needs, and accomplishments surrounding issues of diversity, including race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, both in the community and in healthcare.


Nina Adams ‘77

"I volunteer because I want to stay connected."

Raymond Plank (Yale ’44)

“Leave this earth a little better than we found it”

Evelyn Anderson

“It is, for me, a way of saying thank you.”

Herbert H. Pearce

"We need better-educated citizens to make this world a better place."

Our Donors & Their Gifts

We thank all our planned gift donors for their generous support.

Ruth ‘48 and Howard (Yale ‘46) Benedict

“I graduated from YSN in 1948, ever since then Howard and I have tried to give back to Yale in a variety of ways.”

Chris (Yale ’77) and Elaine McLeod

"I wanted to give back to Yale in a way that would make an important impact on health care."