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YSN Has Strong Presence at Eastern Nursing Research Society Scientific Sessions

March 1, 2009

Yale University School of Nursing faculty, students, and alumnae/i contributed greatly to the program of the Eastern Nursing Research Society’s 21st Annual Scientific Sessions, held March 19-21 in Boston. YSN Dean Margaret Grey presented a research development session entitled, “Translational Research: What it is and what it isn’t.” Alumna Angela Barron McBride ’64, chair of the YSN Advisory Board, presented the keynote address, “Orchestrating a Research Career.” YSN Associate Dean for Scholarly Affairs Nancy Redeker is President-elect of ENRS and served as Chair of this year’s Planning Committee.

YSN faculty led three symposia based on their own cutting-edge research. Professors Robin Whittemore, Marjorie Funk, Tish Knobf, and Meredith Wallace, each presented papers related to the theme of “Development of Health-related Internet Interventions.” In addition, Wallace led the symposium, “Uncertainty Theories Applied to Research with Cancer Patients,” with Sheila Santocroce, and Redeker organized and presented the symposium on “Sleep and Sleep Disorders in Adults with Chronic Conditions.”

Student presentations reflected the depth and breadth of research conducted at YSN. PhD student Monica Ordway ’13 (pictured) received an award for her poster presentation, “Depressed Mothers as Informants on their Child’s Behaviors.” Other PhD student posters, co-authored by YSN faculty, included “Development of the Determinants of Meditation Practices Inventory,” by Anna-Leila Williams, “Privacy and Sharing during Group Prenatal Care,” by Gina Novick, “Creating Infrastructure to Facilitate Context of a Funded Research Center-Collaborative Secondary Analysis,” by Christine Tocchi, and “Management of Diaper Dermatitis in Children with Cancer,” by Maura Murphy. Doctoral student Catherine Winkler ’09 presented her dissertation research “Arrhythmias in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndromes in the First 24 Hours of Emergency Department Admission During the Post-Perfusion Era.”

YSN Master’s students were also well-represented at the meeting, with presentations on “Causal Attribution in Cancer Diagnosis,” by Yasemin Turkman, and “Nurse’s Knowledge of Electrocardiographic Monitoring,” by Meghan Fashjian.

YSN post-doctoral fellows and faculty collaborators also presented posters, including “Effects of an Advanced Practice Nurse Intervention on Quality of Life and Health Care Utilization Outcomes in Women after Cancer Surgery,” by Elizabeth Ercolano, “Developing an Educational Support Intervention to Facilitate Care Management among Women with Cancer,” by Dena Schulman-Green, and “Physical Inactivity over Time in Black women with Type 2 Diabetes and Related Physiological and Behavioral Factors,” by Nancy Allen. Janet Parkosewich ’08 presented “Factors Associated with Women’s Perceptions of Risk for Having an Acute Myocardial Infarction.”

The Eastern Nursing Research Society (ENRS) was established in 1988 as a forum to promote and support nursing research in the Northeastern United States.