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YSN Hosts HealthCamp CT "Unconference"

April 1, 2011

YSN hosted HealthCampCT.YSN recently hosted HealthCampCT, an "unconference" organized by YSN alum Matthew Browning '01. Healthcare enthusiasts including nurses, physicians, entrepreneurs and bloggers gathered on April 2, 2011 at YSN.

"The purpose of health camp is to try and bring all of the diverse views together…and try and trigger action," said attendee Mark Scrimshire.

Matthew Browning.

HealthCamp allows for participants to choose the topics of discussion for the day's sessions and participants have the ability to lead the sessions. The event offers a venue for different groups of professionals to gather where they may not meet at events related to their field of work.

Sessions relate to the technology, policy and process of transforming healthcare, where each session is an open forum that encourages and welcomes new ideas regarding health care.

"I enjoyed the informal nature of the discussions and the variety of participants. The ideas tossed around the groups were examined from differing perspectives, so while they might not have been new ideas, they were seen differently than the usual perspective in my workplace," said YSN Lecturer Judith Kunisch, who attended the event.

Margret Moss, Specialty Director of the Yale Nursing Leadership, Policy and Leadership specialty delivered the keynote address for HealthCamp.

This year, many spoke of integrating technology with healthcare, such as connecting physicians with social media. 

Margaret Moss.

It was said by a HealthCamp participant that eighty percent of people use the Internet to access information about health care such as health care providers. These consumers are using Facebook as a conversation tool to gain information via word of mouth.

HealthCamp is described as "an unconference series that addresses the transformation of healthcare to a system with patient engagement on social media."

Keeping with the theme of social media, throughout the event, those at home could follow the conversations of the day via Twitter. Visit http://healthca.mp/ct/ to read the conversation.

Schedule.Judy Kunisch.