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YSN Researchers Reflect on Florence Wald's Impact

December 1, 2009

Florence Wald's issue of Illness, Crisis and Loss.Three YSN researchers contributed to the Tribute to Florence Wald issue of Illness, Crisis, and Loss.

Florence S. Wald was the Dean of YSN from 1959 to 1966. She is credited with bringing the hospice movement to the US. Wald passed away on November 8, 2008, at the age of 91.

Essays in this issue include, "Before Hospice: Florence Wald at the Yale School of Nursing," by Professor Donna Diers, former Dean of YSN, who writes, "Florence's work at YSN was to academic nursing practice and nursing research what her later work with hospice was to interdisciplinary practice, philosophy, and education."

In "The Florence Schorske Wald Professor of Nursing Endowed Chair," Ruth McCorkle describes the honor of holding an endowed chair in Wald's name, and efforts to dedicate herself to Wald's vision of dignified institutional care for the dying.

A. Siobhan Thompson, a YSN research administrator, wrote "Caring for Prison Inmates the Hospice Way" about her work with Wald in developing a hospice program for Connecticut's prisons, which has found success in teaching inmates "how to better care for themselves by taking care of others."

Illness, Crisis, and Loss, is a research journal relating to psychosocial and ethical issues associated with life-threatening illness, crises, grief, and loss. Find Volume 17, Number 4 / 2009 online here (requires subscription).