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YSN Set to Reopen on Wednesday, October 31

October 30, 2012

Yale University School of Nursing will reopen on Wednesday, October 31, along with the rest of the University.

Below is a message from Dean Grey to the entire YSN community (posted 10/30/12, 12 noon):

I hope that you all are safe and that your homes escaped serious damage. I have just completed a walk-through of YSN and am very happy to report that we had no flooding or water in the first floor. We are in the process of planning how the classrooms on the first floor will be returned to functionality by tomorrow morning’s start of classes. Thus, we will be open for business tomorrow AM with the rest of the University.

I recognize that some of you may be unable to get to YSN tomorrow due to flooding and trees down. If that is the case, and you cannot meet your classes or come to work, please be in contact with your supervisor. For faculty, if you cannot meet your classes tomorrow, please use Classes v. 2 to inform your students. Travel throughout the northeast has been seriously affected, so public transportation may keep some students and faculty from attending. Again, please be in contact with your faculty or specialty director. If you know of people who do not have power, please pass along this message by cell phone.

Obviously, the storm has created havoc with class and clinical schedules. Please be in contact with your faculty about any rescheduling that needs to happen. It may be necessary to reschedule some classes from the last 2 days to Friday this week, so please try to be flexible so that students can meet the required hours. You may also use Classes v. 2 to hold classes on the internet. 

Know that those of you who have suffered losses due to the storm are in my thoughts. Linda Lorimer’s recent email details plans for food, ice, and showers to be available to those who need them. I expect that the University will be gathering information about further help, including the opportunity for lower cost hotel stays, so stay tuned for that.