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The Center for International Nursing Scholarship and Education (CINSE)

The Center for International Nursing Scholarship and Education, formed in 2006, coordinates YSN’s global health endeavors. The center supports activities which focus on ethically-sound and culturally-sensitive educational experiences with global citizens, collaborative scholarship and research involving global populations and the thoughtful examination by faculty and students of the cross cultural dimensions of our work. The center provides mentorship and financial support for a diverse array of faculty projects to promote leadership skills in the area of global health research, scholarship and capacity-building programs.

The Global Health Concentration

The Global Health Concentration is a valuable opportunity for YSN students to obtain additional education, experience and skill in working with global populations. It is designed to prepare students to function both internationally and domestically as educators, clinicians, scholars, and researchers. Students are exposed to a range of global concepts through their interdisciplinary didactic courses and through their global clinical and scholarly activities.

Learn more about the Global Health Concentration here.

University support for opportunities include:

International Resources at Yale University

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Global Health Concentration

Alexis Dassler

Alexis Dassler '14
"I am grateful that I accepted the challenge of additional clinical hours and coursework in the Global Health Concentration because the world we live in is shrinking every day and I believe all Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners should have exposure to global health."


Christopher Norman

Christopher Norman '14
"Before coming to YSN and completing the Global Health Concentration, I had never thought of pursing international work as a clinician. Now I can't imagine not thinking or working globally as a provider."

Lidia Lopez

Lidia Lopez '14
"Through the Global Health Concentration program, I gained greater insight into the unique factors that influence both health and disease in diverse populations."