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The Center for International Nursing Scholarship and Education (CINSE)

The Center for International Nursing Scholarship and Education, formed in 2006, coordinates YSN’s global health endeavors. The center supports activities which focus on ethically-sound and culturally-sensitive educational experiences with global citizens, collaborative scholarship and research involving global populations and the thoughtful examination by faculty and students of the cross cultural dimensions of our work. The center provides mentorship and financial support for a diverse array of faculty projects to promote leadership skills in the area of global health research, scholarship and capacity-building programs.

The Global Health Concentration

The Global Health Concentration is a valuable opportunity for YSN students to obtain additional education, experience and skill in working with global populations.  It is designed to prepare students to function both internationally and domestically as educators, clinicians, scholars, and researchers.  Students are exposed to a range of global concepts through their interdisciplinary didactic courses and through their global clinical and scholarly activities.

All students in the concentration take two approved graduate courses in global issues. There is a wide variety of courses offered in schools and departments throughout the university. A minimum of 60 additional clinical hours is required.  These may be obtained in an international setting with YSN-approved preceptors or in a domestic site serving global populations. Scholarly work includes a praxis or thesis with a global health focus or at least one document submitted to the Master’s e-portfolio with a global health focus. For complete description of the concentration, see Global Health Concentration.

The concentration is open to students in their final year of study.  Students are encouraged to inquire about the concentration early in their programs of study so they will have ample time to meet the course requirements. Completed applications are due by the beginning of fall semester of final year. For more information, contact Patricia.Ryan-Krause@yale.edu.

University support for opportunities include:

Downs Fellowship

Global Health Initiative   

Gruber Fellowship

MacMillan Center Fellowship & Grants

Yale Grants and Fellowships

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