31. Tuition Rebate and Refund

In the case of withdrawal from the Yale School of Nursing for any reason, the following rebate schedule shall apply:

1. Students who withdraw from the School for any reason during the first 60% of the term will receive a pro rata rebate of tuition. Once the student has completed 60% of the term, there will be no rebate of tuition.

2. For purposes of determining the refund of federal student aid funds, a student who withdraws from the School of Nursing for any reason during the first 60% of the term will be subject to a pro rata schedule which will be used to determine the amount of Title IV funds a student has earned at the time of withdrawal. A student who withdraws after the 60% point has earned 100% of the Title IV funds. Financial aid will be refunded in the order prescribed by federal regulations, namely, Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan; Federal Perkins Loan; Federal Nursing Student Loan and Federal Direct Graduate Plus Loan. All other sources of aid (state, private, or institutional scholarships and loans) will be subject to the same proration schedule as the federal Title IV student aid. Any remaining balance will be refunded to the student.

3. All loan recipients (Federal Nursing Student Loan, Perkins Loan, Direct Loan, and Yale Student Loan) who withdraw are required to complete an exit interview. Instructions for completing this process are emailed to students from Yale Student Financial Services (SFS). Students can contact the SFS Office at 246 Church Street (203.432.2727) for more information.

4. The death of a student will cancel charges for tuition as of the date of death and the tuition will be adjusted on a pro rata basis.