Yale School of Nursing, Yale University's Graduate Nursing Programs

About YSN

Diers Commencement 2011Yale University School of Nursing (YSN) is a diverse community of clinicians and scholars with a common goal: better health for all. We strive to achieve this goal through insightful research and expert care, both of which are informed by a model that empowers patients.

Founded in 1923, YSN became the first school within a university to prepare nurses under an educational rather than an apprenticeship program. Dean Annie Goodrich's insistence that her students came to Yale to learn a highly skilled profession rather than to provide extra hands to already trained nurses was truly revolutionary. The school continued to spawn new ideas that have helped redefine nursing: the groundbreaking research of Virginia Henderson, the founding of the American hospice movement by Dean Florence S. Wald, the advancement of clinical trials in nursing with leadership from Rhetaugh Dumas, and the first "graduate entry" system that enlivened nursing practice by attracting mature students with varied and rich life experiences.

The school also boasts a highly rated PhD in nursing program and is ranked seventh among schools of nursing in receipt of NIH funds. For YSN students, our recent achievements have provided further opportunities for collaboration with some of the top leaders in nursing and health care and will provide unique pathways to improving quality of life locally and around the world.