Stephanie Fassu Noulaheu

Stephanie FAssu Noulaheu

Stephanie Fassu Noulaheu was born and raised in Cameroon-West Africa, from which she has very rich and vivid memories, but also the place where she witnessed and lived in poor health care provision which shaped her passion for becoming a healthcare provider for underserved communities.

Stephanie pursued her nursing, then graduate nursing education, at Samuel Merritt University in Sacramento, California. She has now been working as an emergency room nurse practitioner at one of the largest medical center of the county of Los Angeles, where we see some of the sickest 155,000 patients per year. Her current work has been continued to fuel her passion for provision of adequate healthcare to the underserved; but has also pushed her to return to school with the aim of strengthening the platform of continuity of care for the destitute. In the same lines, besides her work as a nurse practitioner in the U.S., she also has been involved with sustainable global health initiatives, leading at one point a medical mission to Ekumfi Abuakwa, Ghana.