Chris Curtis

Chris is a Nurse Practitioner with the Neurosurgery department at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA.

Chris earned his BSN in 2010 from New York University, and upon graduation he returned back to Boston, where he began working at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital on Neuro-Trauma Recovery floor. He then transitioned to Brigham and Women’s Hospital, where he worked on a medical step-down unit. He enrolled at Boston College, completing an Adult/Geriatric NP degree while continuing to work full time. After graduation, he began working at Massachusetts General Hospital as part of the inpatient neurosurgery team, where he cares for acutely and critically ill surgical patients.  He is also part of the Hospital Medicine Group, where he works as a Hospitalist, caring for patients throughout the hospital with a variety of medical problems. 

His doctoral interest includes issues around access to high quality health care within the United States and globally.