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Physical Address:
400 West Campus Drive
Orange, CT 06477

Postal Address:
PO Box 27399
West Haven, CT 06516-0972

Shipping Address:
Building 400, 300 Heffernan Drive
West Haven, CT 06516 

T 203 785-2389
F 203 785-6455 

Yale University Phone and Email Directory

Directions to YSN

Offices of Admissions and Student Affairs
Melissa Pucci, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs & Director of Admissions
203.737.1793 | melissa.pucci@yale.edu

Suselle Goubourn, Senior Admin. Asst.
203.737.2257 | suselle.goubourn@yale.edu

Sandra Esposito, Senior Admin. Asst.
203.737.1793 | sandra.esposito@yale.edu
Andre Massiah, Assistant Director, Student Financial Services
203.785.5854 | andre.massiah@yale.edu

Fredericka Grant, Senior Admin. Asst.
203.737.1790 | fredericka.grant@yale.edu


Office of the Dean
Margaret Grey, Dean and Annie Goodrich Professor 
203.785.2393 | nursing@yale.edu

Veronica L. D. Good, Executive Assistant
203.785.7992 | veronica.good@yale.edu

Executive Deputy Dean
Holly Kennedy, Executive Deputy Dean & Helen Varney Professor of Midwifery
203.737.1302 | holly.kennedy@yale.edu

Sarah Zaino, Assistant Director for Research Activities
203.737.2371 | sarah.zaino@yale.edu

Frances Hackerman, Senior Admin. Asst. 
203.737.2420 | frances.hackerman@yale.edu


Business Services
Christopher FarmerAssociate Dean for Finance and Administration
203.737.2575 | christopher.farmer@yale.edu

Nona D'Onofrio, Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration
203.785.2398 | nona.donofrio@yale.edu

Development & Alumni Affairs
Steve VarleyAssociate Dean for Advancement
203.785.7920 | steve.varley@yale.edu

Caitlin SweeneyAssistant Director
203.737.2137 | caitlin.sweeney@yale.edu

Paula Carney, Senior Admin. Asst.
203.737.4112 | paula.carney@yale.edu

Public Affairs and Communications
Meghan Murphy, Associate Director 
203.737.2521 | meghan.murphy@yale.edu

Division of Primary Care
Martha SwartzDivision Chair
203.737.5432 | martha.swartz@yale.edu

Nancy DeMatteo, Sr. Admin. Asst. II
203.737.6570 | nancy.dematteo@yale.edu

Sandra Fischer-Storck, Clinical Site Coordinator
203.737.2235 | sandra.fischer@yale.edu


Division of Acute Care/Health Systems 
Tish KnobfDivision Chair
203.737.2357 | tish.knobf@yale.edu

Shannon Romanos, Sr. Admin. Asst. II 
203.737.6598 | shannon.romanos@yale.edu

Tracy Chidsey, Clinical Site Coordinator
203.785.5414 | tracy.chidsey@yale.edu

Doctoral Programs
Robin Whittemore, Director of the PhD Program
203.737.2351 | robin.whittemore@yale.edu

Jessica Coviello, Director of the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Program
203.737.2339 | jessica.coviello@yale.edu

Frances Hackerman, Senior Admin. Asst. 
203.737.2420 | frances.hackerman@yale.edu 

Global Health
Patricia Ryan-KrauseAssistant Director for Practice 
203.737.2553 | patricia.ryan-krause@yale.edu

Mary Ann Fuentes Marshak, Senior Administrative Asst. 
203.785.5797 |  maryann.marshak@yale.edu