Email Accounts

Whenever possible, your email address will be your - ex: If a person with the same name is already using that address, a middle initial will be added - ex:

ListServes at YSN
For “official” notifications from administrative and academic personnel and organizations (YSN-SGO and others) to students. The list is fully moderated and student-to-student traffic is not allowed. Students cannot unsunscribe from the list and are encouraged to check content from this list frequently.
For informal communication between students and from “non-official” sources. Because there is little or no moderation of this list, we ask people to refrain from list activities that are in violation of the Yale AUP ( Otherwise, freedom of speech will be the overriding policy on this list. Since some students may feel that they don’t wish to participate in this list, a student can elect to be removed from the list.

Email Access

Starting in Fall 2012, School of Medicine, School of Nursing and Physician Associate students will have a YaleConnect email account since you will have access to confidential patient information.

Please go to and choose the “Log in to YaleConnect Webmail” link to access the log in page where you will enter your NetID and password.

Students who request confidentiality under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (request form is available from your Registrar) will have an email account but not an alias. They may receive email sent only to a more specific, unpublished address as described in the confidentiality request form and in the “Directory Options” menu item on the “Personal Data” tab at

Information about Yale email services is available on the Email web site (