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Faculty Practice

YSN has long been known for its clinical expertise and emphasis on providing direct health care services to the community. A large number of faculty members maintain a clinical practice and spend a considerable amount of their time in clinical settings. Such a high number of the faculty who provide direct patient care is not the norm among nursing education institutions, especially in those institutions that have developed as extensive and productive a research base as Yale.

YSN oversees mechanisms to support faculty who maintain a clinical practice in addition to their teaching and scholarly activities. Most faculty who also practice clinically do so through either co-terminous appointment arrangements with Yale-New Haven Hospital or community based practices, or through affiliation with the Yale Medical Group, as is the case with the YSN Midwifery Practice. Such arrangements facilitate synergy among faculty practice, teaching, and scholarship, and also support partnerships with other providers in a variety of clinical care settings.

For more than 80 years, YSN has had a tremendous impact on the health of individuals and families in our local community. YSN faculty have spearheaded the development of new strategies to minimize the effects of diabetes and the HIV/AIDS epidemic. They have created new models to care for the chronically ill, put in place new technology to bring cardiac care into the home setting,developed new programs to reduce disparities in health, and have responded to the health care needs of women in the Greater New Haven area.