Ann Ameling, MSN, RN

Ann Ameling

Professor Emerita of Nursing


Ann Ameling is a professor of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing at YSN. Her current work focuses on development of curriculum and associated research programs in spirituality, healing, and health care. Currently, she is director of an interdisciplinary program at Yale funded jointly by the Teagle Foundation and the John Templeton Foundation to develop interdisciplinary courses in spirituality and end of life care. The courses, which are open to medical students, nursing students, and divinity students focus on the spiritual aspects of patients’ experiences, as well as issues of pain, suffering, and palliative care. She has developed a course in alternative and complementary therapies, which focuses on symptom relief and the scientific knowledge base of such therapies. She, along with Rev. Margaret Lewis and others, has designed a course, Living With Dying, which was first offered to graduate students in 1999-2000. She has provided Reiki training at YSN for the last three years. She is a breast cancer survivor who has participated in many programs of spirituality and healing.

Returning to full time teaching after more than a decade in Yale University central administration, including seven years as associate provost, she has spent the last several years in curriculum development which includes alternative and complementary therapies as part of the spirituality and health curriculum. Believing that it is important to examine the spiritual roots of many alternative and complementary therapies, she has taught courses and done professional presentations and workshops on prayer, meditation and Reiki, among other topics. She is trained as a Reiki Master practitioner. She has studied centering prayer under the direction of Father Thomas Keating, a Trappist monk at St. Benedict’s abbey in Snowmass, Colorado. She is an Oblate of a Roman Catholic cloistered order of monks and affiliated with The New Camoldese Hermitage in Big Sur, California. She has also trained with Rev. Lauren Artress and, in doing so, has become a certified Labyrinth facilitator as part of Veriditas at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. She has participated in a special international spirituality program at Chartres Cathedral in France in May 1999. She has recently published several articles on Prayer and Reiki.

Previously, she had worked extensively in the area of chronic psychiatric illness. She was principal investigator on USPHS funded grant on Nursing with Chronically Ill Psychiatric Outpatients between 1970 and 1975. This was one of the first funded research projects evaluating the efficacy of psychiatric nursing interventions with a chronically ill psychiatric outpatient population. Between 1976 and 1984, she was involved in continuing research with this population, including one grant supported by the American Nurses’ Foundation and one supported by Sigma Theta Tau, Delta Mu Chapter. Her 1982 book with Judith Krauss, The Chronically Ill Psychiatric Outpatient in the Community, was named the American Journal of Nursing Book of the year and served for many years as the standard nursing reference on the subject.