General Enrollment Information

New students are enrolled in the master’s program only once per year (in August). Fall and spring terms are sixteen weeks in length, and the summer term is eleven weeks long. All students are required to maintain active Connecticut R.N. licensure and CPR certification for the medical professional while enrolled in the School of Nursing (GEPN students are to obtain their Connecticut R.N. license during the first term of their specialty year). Full-time study is required for students in the Graduate Entry Prespecialty in Nursing and is offered in all specialties. R.N.s have the option of full- or part-time study. The course schedule for part-time study is predetermined and will be dependent upon the specialty. General descriptions of the part-time study schedule can be obtained from the School’s Web site. Conversion from part-time to full-time study or the reverse is not normally permitted.

Nonmatriculated part-time study is available with the course instructor’s permission. A nonmatriculated student is limited to three courses per term. Students are permitted to apply up to six courses toward a degree program or a post-master’s certificate at the discretion of the specialty director and assistant dean for student affairs.