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YSN 2016-2017 Bulletin
The bulletin holds essential material and information for the student, including the School’s history, program information, and course descriptions. It also identifies expected outcomes. It represents the agreement between the School and the student.

YSN Student Policies Index

4.  Dean’s Procedure for Student Complaints (School of Nursing)
6.  Leave of Absence and Withdrawal
7.  Challenge Policy
12. Extension of Time for Students to Complete Work
15. Summer Registration for Students
17. Non-Matriculated Auditors and Students
18. Part-Time Study
19. Course Withdrawal
21. Licensure
22. Grading System and Definitions of Honors, High Pass, Pass, Fail
23. MSN/DNP Students in Academic Difficulty
31. Tuition Rebate and Refund
32. Personal Conduct Policy
33. Disciplinary Procedures
34. Children in YSN Classrooms and Common Areas
36. Satisfactory Academic Progress: Implications for Financial Aid
[ ]. Education Records

Students in the PhD Program can access the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Programs and Policies Bulletin here.

Additional Student Guidelines