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Sarah Zaino, Assistant Director for Research Activities
203-737-2371 | sarah.zaino@yale.edu

Fran HackermanSenior Administrative Assistant
203-737-2420 | frances.hackerman@yale.edu

Ongoing Funded Research


Chen, W. (Principal Investigator). Self- and Family-Management Intervention in HIV+ Chinese Women. Funded by NIH/NINR (K23NR014107), $373,715. Brief of this study.

Grey, M. (Co-Principal Investigator), Weinzimer, Stuart (Co-Principal Investigator). Multidisciplinary Behavioral Research Training in T1D. Funded by NIH/NIDDK (T32DK097718), $874,449. Brief of this study.

Grey, M. (Principal Investigator), Whittemore, R. (Co-Investigator), Integrating Behavioral Care for Teens with Diabetes. Funded by American Diabetes Association, $250,000.

Funk, M. (Principal Investigator). Implementation of Practice Standards for ECG Monitoring. Funded by NIH/NHLBI, (R01HL081642), $3,873,393. Brief of this study.

Guthrie, B. (Program Director). Community-Based HIV Education Research Program for Diverse Scholars. Funded by NIH/NIMH (R25MH087217), $1,283,741.


McCorkle, R. (Principal Investigator), Lazenby, M. (Co-Investigator). Using the RE-AIM Model to Translate Distress Screening into Cancer Care. Funded by NIH/NCI (R25CA177553), $1,351,152. Brief of this study.

Pellico, K. (Principal Investigator). Looking is Not Seeing and Listening is Not Hearing. Funded by Johnson & Johnson/Society for the Arts in Healthcare, $60,000. Brief of this study.

Redeker, N. (Co-Principal Investigator), Jeon, S.Kennedy, H.Reynolds, N.Whittemore, R. Yale Center for Sleep Disturbance in Acute and Chronic Conditions. Funded by NIH/NINR (P20NR014126), $1,458,443.

Sadler, L. (Principal Investigator). Minding the Baby: Home Visiting Program Evaluation. Funded by NIH/NICHD (R01HD057947), $3,181,879. Brief of this study.

Schulman-Green, D. (Principal Investigator). Testing a Self-Guided Educational Intervention for Women with Cancer. Funded by American Cancer Society, $728,000. Brief of this study.

Shorten Faculty

Shorten, A. (Principal Investigator), Kennedy, H. P. (Co-Investigator), Whittemore, R. (Co-Investigator), Pettker, C. (Co-investigator), Illuzzi, J. (Co-Invesitgator). Using Interactive Health IT to Support Women's Choices for Birth After Cesarean. Funded by NIH/AHRQ (1R21HS022114-01) $292,584. Brief of this study.


Womack, J. (Principal Investigator). HIV Infection and Falls: Epidemiology & Risk Assessment. Funded by  NIH/NINR, K01NR013437, $276,946.