Learn online & on campus

The Yale DNP is a hybrid program, providing our students – who typically have full time jobs and are geographically widespread – with the flexibility and benefit of both online and on-campus learning.

Through on-campus classes and synchronous online follow-up, students develop meaningful, lasting relationships with their cohort and faculty members. Those relationships drive asynchronous components including discussion groups and peer project review. Guest speakers and other contributors engage with students on a personal level, no matter the geographical distance between them. As a student at one of the most prestigious universities in the world, an extraordinary array of resources are available to each member of the DNP class.  

The program cultivates critical relationships in part through high-definition technology with virtually endless flexibility. Students have proprietary videoconferencing accounts, allowing them to run quality face-to-face meetings with classmates, faculty, and any other connections they develop. When circumstances prevent students or guest speakers from attending on-campus events, they have full control over stand-in robots that allow navigation of the classroom with the same freedom students would have in person.

Technical support comes from the Academic Support Unit (ASU), which serves students and faculty across all on-campus, remote, and online modes. The ASU provides all technology-related project development support to students. ASU also provides training for cutting-edge School resources like the Learning Studio, where students can record and produce professional-quality multimedia components of their projects. Students have full access to the University ITS Helpdesk, available 24 hours a day, seven days per week. ASU also partners with the Office of Digital Education at Yale’s renowned Center for Teaching and Learning.