Student Life

The Office of Student Life embraces diversity and inclusion as fundamental to our community.

We are committed to doing so by:

  • Treating all persons with dignity and respect;
  • Supporting student academic, emotional and community needs;
  • Providing and connecting students to appropriate services and resources;
  • Working collaboratively with faculty and staff to elevate the student experience.

Office of Student Life (OSL) encompasses all aspects of the student experience and assists incoming students, current students and alumni with an array of services to meet their particular needs.  The office focuses on orientation, commencement, student life, student wellness and support, student accommodations, career programs and collaborative programs to augment the student experience.  Additionally, OSL staff work with the Student Government Organization (SGO) and YSN student organizations to support their initiatives. We also offer programs and services to help students successfully transition to Yale; provide assistance as students navigate life/academic challenges as a graduate student; connect students to university resource centers and campus programs; partner students with other professional/graduate schools at Yale; and facilitate connections to organizations and opportunities in the New Haven community.

Jointly with our OSL and Peer Support Fellows, we organize an array student life programming such as community check-ins, weekly yoga & fitness classes, mindfulness workshops, clinical processing groups, Care for the Caregiver programs, community building and social programming, Campus Partner programs (i.e. Mental Health and Counseling, Chaplain’s Office, Yale Well, and a variety of university offices), career workshops and peer support events.