Add/Drop a Course

After students have completed the Online Course Selection process (OCS), they may add or drop courses at no penalty during the two week registration period.


Learn more about obtaining certified copies, replacement diplomas, or translated copies.

ID Cards

Learn more about the Yale University ID Card.

Student Forms

Registration forms, forms for non-matriculated students, and PhD students.

Student Records

Read about access to student and alumni records, what is included in student records, read the statement on disclosure of student records, update your information, and learn how to calculate your clinical hours.


Learn more about obtaining official transcripts.

Waive or Challenge a Course

As YSN admits students of high caliber, some will already have had the course work or experience in some of the areas we offer. Under the principle that students should have the opportunity to build upon their previous experience and that essentially repeating already mastered work is not educationally sound, the Waive or Challenge a Course procedure was developed and approved by the Executive Committee in September of 1975.