Taking Courses at Other Schools

Students in the School of Nursing may elect courses offered by the various departments of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and other professional schools of the University. In the past, students have elected courses from the School of Medicine; courses in Sociology, Psychology, and Anthropology at the Graduate School; and courses offered by the Schools of Art, Divinity, Law, Management, Music, and Public Health. Students are encouraged to consult the bulletins of these schools, in which course offerings are listed and described, to seek content that may be relevant to their individual educational goals. Subject to the approval of the student’s adviser, the instructor of the course, and the departmental director of graduate studies, the elected course must be listed on the student’s School of Nursing course schedule within the prescribed period for course registration. Students should also check with the registrar of the individual school in which the course is elected for registration procedures specific to that school.