Graduate Entry Pre-Specialty in Nursing (GEPN)

The GEPN Program is the first of a three-year, full-time course of study that combines preparation in basic nursing with advanced preparation in a clinical specialty.

Students are offered experiences in acute-care hospital units and community settings to achieve YSN’s overall mission of better health for all people. Upon completion of the pre-specialty year, students continue their graduate studies in theory, practice, and research within their chosen nursing specialty areas and concentrations.

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GEPN Application Requirements:

  • Online Application
  • Current Resume/Curriculum Vitae
  •  Three References (academic, professional, or clinical)
  • Transcripts
  • GRE scores 
  • TOEFL or IELTS scores (required of all non-native English speakers)
  • Essay (400-600 words)
  • Two short answer essays (150-300 words) 
Integrated and comprehensive ESSAY

Applicants will be evaluated on their ability to compose a well-written and well-organized essay as well as on the substance, thoughtfulness, and clarity of their responses:

  1. Why do you wish to pursue a career in advanced practice nursing?
    Please expand upon: (a) your decision to pursue nursing rather than another health care field; (b) your choice to pursue advanced practice nursing (i.e., an APRN/MSN rather than an RN/BSN); (c) your selection of the particular clinical specialty to which you are applying. What factors have influenced your decision?
  2. What factors have influenced your decision? 
    Please describe any significant life experiences that have contributed to your self-understanding and development, with respect to your interest in advanced practice nursing. You may discuss, for example, how academic and professional experiences, cross-cultural engagement, or volunteer roles and service projects have shaped your career aspirations and ambitions.
  3. Why are you applying to Yale’s Graduate Entry Prespecialty in Nursing (GEPN) program?
    Please articulate how specific aspects of the program, curriculum, faculty, or any other of the Yale School of Nursing’s resources or characteristics, will empower you to achieve your goals in the nursing profession.
  4. Describe any observations of an advanced practice nurse
SHORT ANSWER (150-300 words per response)
  1. Please identify one of your greatest strengths, and how it will relate to your experience as a Yale Nursing student and a future advanced practice nurse.
  2. Yale School of Nursing’s mission is ’better health for all people’ and our values center around social justice and health equities. Write about a situation that tested your ethics or was a conflict of interest, as it relates to our mission, and how you dealt with it.”