Alcohol Policy for Student-Organized Events

Yale School of Nursing is a community of adults, and the consumption of alcohol in a responsible manner may have a place within some YSN student-organized events. Students should bear in mind that YSN does not tolerate excessive drinking, nor any resulting harmful behavior, and that such conduct may violate YSN’s Personal Conduct and Academic Integrity Standards

In view of the importance of promoting the responsible use of alcohol, the liability issues connected with alcohol service and consumption, and compliance with Connecticut state law, the following guidelines apply whenever alcohol is purchased with YSN funds and/or served or consumed on YSN property in connection with a student-organized event. 

  • Alcohol, whether purchased with YSN funds or purchased with private funds, may not be served or consumed on YSN property except in the context of a YSN-approved events.

  • Students seeking to hold an event where alcohol will be served should contact the Associate Dean of Student Life in advance of the event for approval.

  • YSN funds may not be used to support private parties or any parties at student homes.

  • In accordance with Connecticut state law, alcoholic beverages may be dispensed only toindividuals over the age of twenty-one and may not be dispensed to any intoxicated person.

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs creates a significant safety risk and is strictly prohibited by Connecticut law. When returning from events where alcohol is served, YSN encourages students to use the Yale Shuttle, rideshare apps, taxis services, or public transportation.

  • Alcohol served on the YSN campus must be consumed within the room or area in which the event is held;  taking open containers of alcohol to other rooms or areas is not permitted.

  • Beer and wine are the only alcoholic beverages that may be served. Mixed drinks or other “hard” alcoholic beverages are not permitted. Only one drink at a time may be served to each individual.

  • Whenever alcohol is served, appropriate quantities of nonalcoholic beverages and a substantial amount of food must be available at the same location. Potato chips, pretzels, etc. do not meet the requirement for “substantial” food. If the food or nonalcoholic beverages run out, the serving of alcohol must cease.

  • No events may have a theme that promotes alcohol consumption, e.g. beer pong party, boozecruise, etc.

  • Students should assist each other and any impaired guests, either by calling 911 or contacting the University Health Service (432-0123) if the person’s condition appears serious, or by helping to arrange transportation (either by calling a cab or enlisting the help of sober friends to take the impaired guest home).

  • Any exceptions to this policy must be approved in writing by the Executive Deputy Dean and adhere to the Yale University Alcohol Policy.

  • YSN reserves the right to add additional requirements based on event size and scope including, but not limited to, the presence of a police officer and/or the requirement that alcohol be served by a bartender who is certified by TIPS or a similar organization and who is not a YSN student.

Note: YSN encourages students struggling with alcohol dependency to seek out help from Yale Health, the YSN Office of Student Life, or the YSN Dean’s Office.

Approved March 22, 2023 by YSN Board of Permanent Officers