The master’s curriculum is organized by clinical specialty. 

The first year of the Graduate Entry Prespecialty in Nursing is described separately.

All course descriptions are listed in numerical order in the chapter Course Listings in the Student Bulletin. Required courses for each specialty are listed in the description of each specialty. The listings describe the schedules for full-time study. The course plan for scheduled part-time study may be obtained from the Student Affairs Office.  The School reserves the right to offer course substitutions and to amend the overall curriculum.

Fall-term courses are noted by “a” following the course number, spring-term courses by “b,” and summer-term courses by “c.”  Yearlong courses have no letter designation.

Elective courses: Students may elect School of Nursing courses offered by specialties other than the one in which they are enrolled or by other schools or departments within Yale University, with the permission of the course instructor and their specialty coordinator.  For nonspecialty-affiliated School of Nursing electives, see the chapter School of Nursing Electives for Matriculated and Nonmatriculated Students.