Doctor of Nursing Practice Class of 2015

Eliana M. Aaron

A Descriptive, Comparative Health Assessment of Unique Older-Adult Populations in Israel

Juraj Melek

The Development of an Education Program on Schizophrenia for Non-Psychiatric RNs

Mary Bartlett

An Interprofessional Model of Care for an Underserved Primary Care Population

Maud Meulstee

Development of an Educational Program on Prevention of Hypoglycemic events among Elderly Veterans with Type 2 Diabetes

Nancy Blumenthal

Missing Domains of Lung Transplant Patient Selection

Susanne Phillips

Trends in AAPRN Practice Authority: Evidence-Based Recommendations for Professional Healthcare Organizations and Public Policy-Makers in Partnership with the ANA

Regina G. Daniels

Design of an Evidence-Based Second Victim Curriculum for Nurse Anesthetists

Jasper Tolarba

The Role of the Psychiatric-Mental Health Advanced Practice Nurse in Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) Model of Care

Leonid Gorelik

Identifying Barriers to Improving Patient Outcomes throughout by Implementing Lean Strategies in the Adult Ambulatory Surgery Setting

Bonnie Tong

Describing the Health Care Needs of School-Age Children in Sub-Saharan Africa in Order to Develop a Model of a Nurse-Run School-Based Health Center

Michael Lord

Emergency Airway Preparedness at Ambulatory Surgery Centers with Solo Anesthesia Providers: An Educational Intervention

Robin Wallin

Translation Project: CDC Voluntary Guidelines for Managing Food Allergies in Schools and Early Care and Educational Programs

Marilyn Malerba

Indian Health Funding: Time for Change

Laura Whittaker

A Model of a Feasible and Sustainable Nurse-Run School-Based Clinic in Kenya