13th YNHHS Janet Parkosewich Nursing Research and EBP Conference

Event time: 
Friday, April 16, 2021 - 8:00am to 12:30pm
Event description: 

Sponsors: Yale School of Nursing, YNHHS Nursing Research Committee and YNHHS Nursing Scientific Review Committee

The Influential Role of Nurses on Practice, Leadership and Policy Here and Beyond

Virtual Conference
April 16, 2021 | 8:00am – 12:30pm

Keynote Speaker:
Marita G. Titler, PhD, RN, FAAN

“Implementation Strategies: Myths and Realities”

Guidelines for Poster Abstract Writing and Submission

Abstract selection is competitive. Please be sure that all contributing authors have reviewed and approved the abstract prior to submission. Follow instructions carefully. Abstracts must have all the elements completed and follow the file naming convention to be considered. Abstracts submissions may be completed DNP scholarly projects or scholarly projects in progress, research, EBP, and quality improvement projects. Accepted abstracts authors must follow conference poster template guidelines in creating their poster (on website).

Submission deadline is 5pm on February 15, 2021

1. Email two abstracts, one blinded and one unblinded, to NursingScientificReviewComm@ynhh.org following the file naming convention in #2

2. Abstract file naming convention for submitted unblinded and blinded abstracts Unblinded: First initial_last name_first few words of title_1

Example: A_Smith_ Implementation_Sepsis_Bundle_1.doc

Blinded: First few words of title_2

Example: Implementation_Sepsis_Bundle_2.doc

3. Unblinded Abstract file: Include author(s) name(s), credentials, name of college or university, and corresponding author with contact information (email and phone).

4. Blinded Abstract file: Omit author information and all references to the organization from the title, and sections of the abstract noted in item #5.

5. Complete the sections of the abstract using the prescribed character limits with spaces as indicated below:

Title: No character limits

Background/Significance: Discuss background information that is relevant to the project and why the topic is important. Limit 500 characters, including spaces

Purpose: What was the purpose (aim) or goal of the project? Limit 500 characters, including spaces

Method: Describe project design (theoretical approach, EBP model or PI process model), context/setting, participants, intervention(s) used, and evaluation process. Limit 700 characters, including spaces

Results: Present the findings/outcomes Limit 700 characters, including spaces

Conclusions: Interpret the results. Summarize implications for practice, policy, or research. Limit 500 characters, including spaces

6. Each abstract will be evaluated through a peer review process using the following criteria:

• Topic is relevant to nursing practice

• Background information and importance are relevant and summarized well

• Purpose is clearly and concisely stated

• Design and methods are thoroughly explained

• Results are clearly presented

• Conclusions are supported by results and implications for practice, policy, or research included

6. Abstracts will be judged by a panel of independent experts. All authors will receive notification of abstract acceptance or declination by March 8, 2021. The top 10 abstract authors will be invited to submit their completed poster to be judged for selection as a top 3 finalist. Note: Once accepted, posters will be presented in the widescreen (aspect ratio 16:9) poster template. Other specific requirements will be sent upon acceptance.

7. Top 3 poster authors will be notified prior to the conference and expected to participate in a zoom dress rehearsal prior to providing a 5-minute oral summary of their poster during the virtual conference.

8. At least one author must register for the conference. YNHHS employees register via INFOR. All others, please email brandy.spruill@ynhh.org with your name, credentials, affiliation, email address, and telephone number.

If you have any poster abstract submission questions, contact brandy.spruill@ynhh.org