Deborah Fahs, DNP, APRN, MSN, FNP-C, RN

Deborah Fahs

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Yale School of Nursing - Room 20504

phone: 203-737-5425
fax: 203-737-4480



Deborah Fahs is an Assistant Professor, DNP, FNP in the Graduate Entry Program in Nursing.   She teaches in the areas of advanced health assessment and interprofessional  longitudinal education. Fahs has served on the curriculum design committee at the Yale School of Medicine when IPE was in its infancy stages and since that time, has been a key player in designing, implementing and evaluating three pilot projects among the Yale School of Medicine, Yale Physician Associate Program and Yale School of Nursing. She has developed didactic and clinical curricula for students from all three professional schools and has served as a student coach.  She is currently a section leader for interprofessional longitudinal clinical experience (ILCE) and currently has 3 publications related to IPE.                

Fahs was awarded the Nightingale Award for nursing excellence, the Daisy Award for excellence in nursing education and most recently, the Inspiring Yale Award for her work as faculty and clinical educator in the School of Nursing and for her pioneering efforts in the development of IPE at Yale. She works with the Yale School of Medicine in “Power Day” an initiative to level hierarchies and recognize power disparities and their impact on health care providers and patients. 

Research Interests/Clinical Practice

Research Interests

Professor Fahs’ major area of research focuses on interprofessional education (IPE) and secondarily on eating disorders with a particular emphasis on Bulimia Nervosa. 

Clinical Practice

Fahs has served in varying clinical practices over her forty years in nursing both as a RN and FNP. She worked 8 years in family medicine, 8 years in internal medicine and currently serves on joint appointment in student medicine at the Yale University Health Center.

Selected Publications/Presentations


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