Lois S. Sadler, PhD, RN, FAAN

Lois Sadler

Professor, YSN and Yale Child Study Center

Co-Director Graduate Studies, PhD Program 

Yale School of Nursing - Room 22009

email: lois.sadler@yale.edu
phone: 203-737-2561
fax: 203-785-6455


Lois S. Sadler is a Professor at the Yale School of Nursing and Yale Child Study Center. Her teaching at the master’s, doctoral and post doctoral levels has included course content in the areas of family studies, child development, pediatric health promotion, adolescent health, qualitative research, research ethics, intervention development, and theory. Dr. Sadler received her BSN degree from the University of Massachusetts, her MSN degree from Yale University School of Nursing, and her PhD from the School of Family Studies at the University of Connecticut. She has worked clinically and as a researcher with teen parents and young families in diverse communities, school settings and home visitation programs domestically and globally. 

Research Interests/Clinical Practice

Research Interest

Dr. Sadler’s research is in the area of the transition to parenthood among adolescent parents and their families, adolescent pregnancy prevention, and evaluation of specialized support programs for young parents and their children. Her program of research, publications and presentations include adolescent primary health care issues, community-engaged research, adolescent parenthood, home visiting, and pediatric sleep. She is a co-founder and has tested and implemented the home visiting program, Minding the Baby®, since 2001.

Selected Publications/Presentations


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Holland, M. L., Hutchens, B., Sadler, L. S. (In Press). Encountering child abuse and neglect in home visiting: A qualitative study of visitor and supervisor experiences. Prevention Science.

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