Marcie Gawel, MSN, RN, MS, BS

Lecturer in Nursing



Marcie Gawel, MSN, RN, MS, BS is lecturer in the pediatric course, community course and simulation at Yale University School of Nursing. Marcie was awarded Pediatric Preceptor of the Year and honored with Recognition for Exemplary Performance from Yale New Haven Hospital. 

Marcie received a Master of Science in Education from Southern Connecticut State University, Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from Southern Connecticut State University and Master of Science in Nursing from University of Saint Joseph. 

Marcie with a  began her career in the medical field as an emergency medical technician while completing a Master of Science in Education, with a focus in health science. She went on to teach health education for grades K-8 for the Hartford Board of Education. Once obtaining her nursing degree, Marcie gained substantial leadership experience, which included charge nurse in Yale New Haven’s Pediatric Emergency Department, Clinical Nurse III (based on a CN I-CN III model), served on multiple committees and worked as a sexual assault nurse examiner. Additionally, Marcie worked on international and national research projects through Yale University including; Improving Pediatric Care Through Simulation (ImPACTS); pediatric transition project through the Clinical Healthcare, Innovation, Redesign, and Learning (CHIRAL) Center; the Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) project for the state of Connecticut. Currently, Marcie is the Community Outreach Coordinator for the Hospital Violence Intervention Program (HVIP) for Yale New Haven Hospital.  

Her professional associations include Emergency Nurses Association (ENA).

Research Interests

Scholarly areas of interest includes abuse, violence, injury prevention, emergency nursing care, and in situ simulation.

Selected Publications

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