Morine Cebert Gaitors, PhD, MSHP, FNP-C, RN

Lecturer in Nursing



Morine Cebert Gaitors, PhD, MSHP, FNP-C, RN,  is a Connecticut native and nurse scientist studying reproductive endocrinology inequities and disparities with a focus on Black women and their experiences with infertility.  

Dr. Gaitors received her BSN from Boston College.  Dr. Gaitors graduated from Winston-Salem State University’s Division of Nursing and received her MSN with High Honors as a Bridges to the Doctorate Scholar, a partnership between Winston-Salem State University’s Division of Nursing and Duke University’s School of Nursing.

Following her MSN, Dr. Gaitors graduated from Duke University’s School of Nursing with a PhD in Nursing Science where she was a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Future of Nursing Scholar. Her mixed-methods dissertation study examined barriers and facilitators to Black women seeking, initiating, and completing treatment for infertility and was funded by the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute of Nursing Research through an F31 - Pre-doctoral fellowship. 

She then completed her postdoctoral fellowship through the National Clinicians Scholars Program at the University of Pennsylvania. For her Master’s of Science in Health Policy research thesis, she examined provider referral patterns of women presenting to primary care with reproductive endocrinology concerns. This was funded by Penn’s Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics. 

Currently, Dr. Gaitors is a PI on a grant funded by Ferring Pharmaceuticals aimed at increasing knowledge and awareness of infertility and maternal health among young adult African American women. Further, she is a methods expert on a project led by PennMedicine OB-GYN faculty exploring contraception care among women with sickle cell disease.  Dr. Gaitors serves as co-chair for the American Society of Reproductive Medicine’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee.

Clinically, Dr. Gaitors has worked in various capacities as a bedside emergency department nurse, APRN in women’s health and urgent care settings, and numerous volunteer roles domestically and internationally. 

She now joins Yale School of Nursing as part-time faculty in the GEPN program and lecturer in the National Clinician Scholars Program at the Yale School of Medicine. She is completing a post-master’s certificate in Nursing Education from Duke University’s School of Nursing. 

Selected Publications

Cebert-Gaitors, M., Shannon-Baker, P. A., Silva, S. G., Hart, R. E., Jahandideh, S, Gonzalez-Guarda, R., & Stevenson, E.L. (2022). Psychobiological, Clinical, and Sociocultural Factors Influencing Black Women to Seek Treatment for Infertility: A Mixed Methods Study. Fertility & Sterility Reports.

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Cebert Gaitors, M. (2021). Guest Columnist: Solving the Black Maternal Health Crisis in Tennessee in 3 Easy Steps. The Tennessean - Opinion Section.

Cebert-Gaitors, M. Abdenalbi, S., Mantell, E., Woodward, A., Gonzalez-Guarda, R., Stevenson, E.L. (2021). Multidimensional Barriers and Facilitators to Treatment Seeking for Infertility Among Women in the United States: A Systemic Review. Fertility & Sterility Reviews.

Roe, A., Lang, B., McAllister, A., Cebert-Gaitors, M., Smith-Whitley, K., Schreiber, C. A., Farzana Sayani, F. (2021). Contraceptive use and preferences among women with sickle cell disease. Contraception.

Cebert, M., Stevenson, E.L., & Gonzalez-Guarda, R.M. (2019). Growing on (In)fertile Ground: Conceptualizing Black Female Fertility. Human Fertility. 1-9.   DOI: 10.1080/14647273.2019.1601269

Cebert, M., Silva, S., & Stevenson, E. L. (2018). Are There Differences in Marital-Role Quality between Women and Their Male Partners Who Conceived Via IVF and Those Who Did Not? Journal of Best Practices in Health Professions Diversity: Education, Research & Policy, 11(2).

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Selected Media 

Podcast Guest:  “Morine’s Joy: A Dream Birth Team Goes Viral” (2021). Birthright: A Podcast About Joy & Healing in Black Birth with Kimberly Seals Allers. February 2021.  

Podcast Guest: “Dr. Morine Cebert-Gaitors on Leveraging Institutional Resources and a Support System to Overcome Personal & Mental Health Challenges.” (2021). Cohort Sistas Podcast. July 2021.