Nancy Schmieder Redeker, PhD, RN, FAHA, FAAN

Nancy Schmieder Redeker

Beatrice Renfield Term Professor of Nursing Emeritus

Yale School of Nursing


Dr. Redeker’s sustained program of research, conducted over more than 25 years, addresses the role of sleep and sleep disorders among patients with acute and chronic conditions and the effects of behavioral sleep promotion interventions for clinical and community populations. She is the Director of the Yale School of Nursing Center for Biobehavioral Health Research and recently served as PI/Director of the NIH-funded Yale Center for Sleep Disturbance in Acute and Chronic Conditions.  She teaches in the PhD Program in Nursing and serves as research mentor for postdoctoral fellows and early career scholars.

Dr. Redeker is editor (with Dr. Geoffry Phillips-McEnany) of “Sleep Disorders & Sleep Promotion in Nursing Practice (New York: Springer, 2011),” the first textbook focused on the uptake of scientific evidence about sleep into nursing practice. This book earned an American Journal of Nursing Book of the Year Award.

Dr. Redeker is the Chair of the Council for Advancement of Nursing Science and Editor-in-chief of Heart & Lung, the Journal of Cardiopulmonary Health, serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, Chair-elect of the Council for Advancement of Nursing Science. She was inducted into the Sigma Theta Tau International Nurse Researchers Hall of Fame in 2017 and received the Distinguished Contribution to Nursing Research Award from the Eastern Nursing Research Society (ENRS) in 2016.

Dr. Redeker earned an AB in Sociology (Rutgers University) BSN and MSN (Seton Hall University), and a PhD in Nursing (New York University).

Research Interests

Dr. Redeker’s scholarship focuses on sleep health, the health-related consequences of sleep deficiency, and translating efficacious sleep promotion interventions into clinical and community settings.  These interdisciplinary studies focus on improving sleep deficiency in people across the trajectory of acute and chronic conditions and racially and ethnically diverse individuals and families who may be at risk for negative health outcomes due to sleep deficiency.

She is Principal Investigator of a 5-year study designed to examine the sustained effects of self-management intervention for insomnia among patients with stable heart failure (R01 NR016191) and mPI for the RISE-UP study (R01 NR018335), a randomized controlled trial designed to test the effects of continuous positive airway treatment on function in stroke survivors, with Drs. H. Klar Yaggi and Kevin Sheth of Yale School of Medicine.

Dr. Redeker’s community-based sleep research includes studies focused on promoting healthy sleep in children, adolescents with families living with economic adversity.  This includes a study with mPI Lois Sadler, PhD, RN, designed to develop a community-engaged sleep promotion program for low income young families (R21 R01NR01690). She is also an mPI for the CLOUDS Study (U01HL150596) a 4-year study of the effects of sleep deficiency on relapse and retention in medication treatment for opioid use disorder with colleagues, Drs. H. Klar Yaggi, Declan Barry, and Dustin Scheinost of Yale School of Medicine.

Selected Publications/Presentations


A full list of Dr. Redeker’s publications can be found here.

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Selected Presentations

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