Sangchoon Jeon, PhD

Sangchoon Jeon

Senior Research Scientist in Nursing

Yale School of Nursing - Room 20506

phone: 203-785-6280
fax: 203-737-4480


Sangchoon Jeon, Ph.D., is a research scientist, Yale University School of Nursing (YSN), who was trained in statistics and epidemiology. He has engaged in multiple granted projects in nursing and medical research since 2008 at YSN and brought his statistical expertise to complete grants successfully. Primarily, Dr. Jeon has actively participated in evaluating cognitive behavioral interventions for adolescents with diabetes, sleep disturbance in heart failure patients, symptom management in cancer patients, and exercise intervention for breast cancer survivors. He also played a critical role as the biostatistician responsible for the data analysis in the recently completed Yale Center for Sleep Disturbance in Acute & Chronic Conditions, a P20 Center funded by the NIH/NINR from 2012-2016. 

Dr. Jeon’s publications demonstrate diverse statistical approaches to analyze several types of data from different study designs such as the random effect model, mixture model, latent class model, and k-mean cluster. Especially in his recent publications he classified individuals with homogenous symptom profiles in cancer patients and identifying phenotypes of obstructive sleep apnea with a large number of polysomnographic variables demonstrate the applications of cluster analysis techniques including latent variable models and k-mean cluster analysis. Notably, he has collaborated with Dr. Redeker over the past 11 years on multiple projects addressing sleep and circadian rhythmicity in people with heart failure and other chronic conditions, as well as other projects focusing on sleep and clustered data in which he has applied his expertise in cluster analysis and time series data.

Research Interests

Currently, Dr. Jeon has focused on parametric and non-parametric methods for analyzing circadian rhythmicity of continuous motor activity (rest-activity rhythms). He is interested in developing the cosinor model with random effects to produce more informative metrics of circadian rhythmicity to predict symptom changes and clinical consequences in patients with heart failure. A paper reporting circadian rhythmicity contributes daytime symptoms, and functional performance is under review, and with Dr. Redeker, he successfully produced publications to show cognitive intervention effects on insomnia and relationships between sleep disturbance and daytime symptoms. 

Selected Publications/Presentations


Redeker, N.S., Jeon, S., Andrews, L., Cline, J., Mohsenin, V., Jacoby, D. (2019). Effects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia on Sleep-Related Cognitions among Patients with Stable Heart Failure. Behavioral Sleep Medicine, 17(3), 342-354. doi:10.1080/15402002.2017. 1357120. 

Jeon, S., Conley, S., Redeker, N.S. (2019). Discrepancy between wrist actigraph and polysomnographic measures of sleep in patients with stable heart failure and a novel approach to evaluating discrepancy. Journal of Sleep Research, 28(2), e12717. doi:10.1111/jsr.12717.  

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