Veronica Barcelona, PhD, MSN, MPH, RN, PHNA-BC

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Yale School of Nursing - Room 21505

phone: 203-737-6707


Veronica Barcelona is an Assistant Professor in the Primary Care Division. She has a secondary appointment at Yale School of Public Health in the department of Chronic Disease Epidemiology. Dr. Barcelona is ANCC certified as an Advanced Public Health Nurse and earned her BSN from the University of Michigan School of Nursing. She was a scholar with the Howard Hughes Summer Research Program, and the NIH Fogarty Minority International Research Training Program in La Paz, Bolivia. She then pursued graduate studies in Community Health Nursing and in Public Health at Johns Hopkins University (MSN/MPH), where she received Leadership and Minority Health Student Support Awards. After practicing as a public health nurse in the US and overseas, she earned her doctorate in Reproductive Epidemiology (PhD) at Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. In her dissertation, she examined the effects of acculturation on anxiety in pregnancy, intent to breastfeed, and birth outcomes (low birthweight, small for gestational age, and preterm birth) in a cohort of 1400 Puerto Rican and Dominican women in Massachusetts. Dr. Barcelona completed post-doctoral studies with Dr. Jacquelyn Taylor in genomics in 2017 and completed formal training in genetics at NINR’s Summer Genetics Institute, as well as NHLBI’s Cardiovascular Genetic Epidemiology Training Program (PRIDE).

Dr. Barcelona has volunteered for improved language access in health care with the Louisiana Language Access Coalition and was a member of the American Nurses Association’s National Committee to revise the Public Health Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice. She was a Jonas Policy Scholar in the Genomic Nursing and Health Care Expert Panel of the American Academy of Nursing and is a recipient of the NIH’s Loan Repayment Program through the National Institute of Minority Health and Health Disparities. She has a funded K01 through NINR on DNA methylation, preterm birth and blood pressure in African American children.

Research Interests

Health inequities, Black/Latina women’s health, epigenomics, and how pregnancy complications and birth outcomes (preterm birth, low birthweight, and preeclampsia) are associated with later cardiovascular health.

Selected publications

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