Financial Support and Visa Process for International Students

Financial Support

International students are also offered admission without regard to their ability to pay. International students seeking aid must complete the International Student Financial Aid Application and the School of Nursing Financial Aid Application. The forms are available within a student application portal. Students demonstrating financial need may be eligible for scholarships to cover a portion of their tuition.

Visa Information 

U.S.. immigration regulations require that the University have proof of full financial support before an I-20 can be issued. If additional family members will be accompanying students to the United States, financial support is required for their health insurance and living expenses as well. More information is available at Yale’s Office of International Students and Scholars.

Yale School of Nursing students must provide the following information to apply for an I-20 Visa:

  1. Financial Certification Form

  2. Student Sponsorship Affidavit

  3. Financial documentation which include, but are not limited to:

  •  Bank statements (must be from within the past 6 months, can be foreign currency, must be in English)

  • If the bank statements are from a family or friend, they must also provide a letter from that family or friend that they commit to providing a specific amount of dollars for the student’s time at YSN.

  • Any non-Yale Scholarship letters

These completed forms (which will become available when admission letters are sent) will be due no later than April 30, 2022. If a student cannot demonstrate funding for the duration of their program,  in order to be compliant with U.S. immigration regulations YSN may rescind the offer of admission.