IT Resources for Incoming Students - Fall 2014

Information Technology Services at YSN


Your NetID is your unique username for gaining access to Yale’s electronic resources. You will receive 2 separate emails from Yale University regarding your NetID and PIN for activation. Once your PIN is received, you will need to activate your NetID and create a password. The password you setup is private and for your use only, do not share your password with anyone. Yale ITS will never ask for your NetID password especially via email.

To activate your NetID, you will need to create a password.

NetID activation is done here (you need your PIN to activate your NetID)

To change an existing password, go here.

Email access

Whenever possible, your email address will be your - ex: If a person with the same name is already using that address, a middle initial will be added - ex:

School of Nursing students will receive a YaleConnect email account. Please click here to access the log in page where you will enter your NetID (exp: yale\abc123) and password.

Email Distribution Lists

Please be sure to add both YSN distribution lists to your contacts in your email to be sure the information is received properly and minimize the potential for it to be blocked as SPAM.

This is for “official” notifications from administrative and academic personnel and organizations (YSN-SGO and others) to students. The list is fully moderated and student-to-student traffic is not allowed. Students cannot unsunscribe from the list and are encouraged to check content from this list frequently.

This is for informal communication between students and from “non-official” sources. Because there is little or no moderation of this list, we ask people to refrain from list activities that are in violation of the Yale AUP ( Otherwise, freedom of speech will be the overriding policy on this list. Since some students may feel that they don’t wish to participate in this list, a student can elect to be removed from the list.

Accessing the Yale Network from Off-Campus

For information on connecting to the Yale network to access University resources from off-campus locations, click here.

Student Printing at YSN

With the increase in availability of electronic reference resources, there has been a dramatic rise in the amount of material printed both in the computer lab and in the reference room areas at YSN. Throughout the University, escalating printing in public areas has resulted in a rise in costs due to paper, toner, and maintenance of printers. In an effort to conserve resources and cut costs, almost all of the undergraduate and graduate schools and the entire library systems at Yale have implemented paid printing within their public facilities.

Students can start a printing account by going to:

In support of our conservation efforts, we have decided to implement paid printing at the Yale School of Nursing.  To help keep your costs down, please keep the following in mind:

  • Print only what you need.
  • Print only one copy of your document. If you have to hand out copies to your classmates, use the copy machines for making multiple copies of documents.
  • To save toner, when printing PowerPoint presentations, change the print preferences to print multiple slides per page and select to print “pure black and white” only.
  • If you are having trouble printing, ask for help. Don’t continue to send a print job to the printer if it appears that nothing is coming out. The printer may be offline, out of paper, jammed, or processing someone else’s print job.
  • Students who consistently violate these policies or print excessive amounts of pages may have their printing privileges suspended. Only the Director of ITS or the Computing Support Technician(s) can restore printing privileges.