Monica Garty, ‘12

Upon observing the challenges the parents of children with autism faced – tears, tantrums, and helplessness– Garty knew she could help. 

Monica Garty’s interest in pediatrics and continuity of care began during her undergraduate years at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where she studied psychology and special education. “While there, I had the opportunity to work with some of the most remarkable clinicians, researchers and children in autism spectrum disorder,” Garty recalls. “With each passing milestone, I became closer to these children…simultaneously, I began to observe various barriers my clients faced in receiving their health care.” 

After witnessing the challenges the parents of these children faced – tears, tantrums, and helplessness– Garty knew she could help. “I was frantic to find a place where I could begin to systematically develop and implement interventions to replace these moments of despair with success and wellness.” Yale University School of Nursing, although 3,000 miles from her home, was just the place Garty was looking for. An institution that Garty says “bridged academia with compassion,” YSN has allowed her to work alongside faculty whose knowledge and passion for helping others supersede anything Garty could have imagined. 

One such faculty member has been Nancy Banasiak, a pediatric faculty member at the Yale Pediatric Primary Care Center. This was the first opportunity Garty had to work with low-income inner city families in a primary care setting. “Child visits frequently bring out issues beyond immunizations and development, including inappropriate nutrition, neglect and abuse, gang involvement, drugs, and safety,” Garty says. “I am constantly amazed how (Banasiak) interacts with patients,” she continues. “She fuels me to be a better student and pediatric nurse practitioner. I strive to model her skill.”