Call for Applications: The 2020 Public Voices Fellowship on the Climate Crisis

January 15, 2020

Delighted to announce an exciting new initiative - the inaugural Public Voices Fellowship on the Climate Crisis. The goal of the project is to bring new, diverse voices into the national climate conversation via training in op-ed writing and thought leadership. Please consider applying and/or sharing the opportunity with anyone you think might be interested.

The Fellowship will provide twenty climate change thought leaders, the majority of whom will be women and people of color, with extraordinary support, leadership skills and knowledge to ensure their ideas shape not only their respective fields, but public opinion and policymaking on the most urgent issue of our age. 
The program includes four in-person, day-long workshops and one-on-one coaching by leading journalists and editors. All participants will publish at least two written pieces of thought leadership (and hopefully many more) during their fellowship. Attendance at all four workshops is required – applicants must save the dates in order to apply. 

The curriculum explores leadership, power, and action in an unfair world. Over the course of a year, fellows will learn how credibility works, how ideas spread, when and why minds change, and how ideas play out over time and space.
The Fellowship is looking for new voices from civil society, academia, and the private sector, including advocates, entrepreneurs, community and business leaders, scientists, educators, and writers, among others.
They seek leaders working at the intersection of climate change, communication, and social justice, with a demonstrated desire and ability to contribute to public dialogue on climate change. Areas of focus could include activism and movement building, financial risks and opportunities of climate impacts and solutions, local, national or global policy, climate science, sector approaches (e.g., faith, business, health), or many others.
Fellows will be chosen through a competitive selection process. The Fellowship is committed to building a diverse cohort; and will consider a variety of factors, including but not limited to gender, race/ethnicity, age, geography, area of expertise, work history, and experience as an agent of change.
● Up to 20 fellows
● Year-long program
● Four interactive day-long workshops in or near NYC (dates are: April 23-24, 2020; July 17; October 2; December 9, 2020). Applicants MUST commit to and save those dates.
● Dedicated editors (top journalists) to provide regular, one-on-one support/editing/coaching
● Access to ongoing mentoring for the fellowship year
● A limited number of travel and lodging stipends for those who need them. The workshops are provided free of charge.
The Public Voices Fellowship on the Climate Crisis is a collaboration between the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, The OpEd Project, and Ann MacDougall and is part of The OpEd Project’s national Public Voices initiative to change who writes history. The OpEd Project is a think tank and leadership organization that amplifies the ideas and public impact of new and necessary voices, including women of all backgrounds. Ann MacDougall is an impact investor, independent public board member and experienced senior executive. She serves as a senior advisor to the Public Voices Fellowship on the Climate Crisis. 
These FAQs relate to all Public Voices Fellowships managed by The OpEd Project.

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