Laura Andrews receives Florence S. Wald Award from the Connecticut Nurses’ Association

October 4, 2017

YSN is proud and delighted to announce that Laura Andrews, Associate Professor of Nursing and the Adult/Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Specialty Coordinator, will be receiving the Florence S. Wald Award from the Connecticut Nurses’ Association. The Diamond Jubilee Awards, commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Association, are named after some of the most distinguished leaders in Connecticut nursing history. The Florence S. Wald Award is given for outstanding contributions to nursing practice, and recognizes achievements and innovations in nursing practice or health care delivery to a patient population that may include, but not necessarily be limited to: improved quality of care; new or innovative models of care; increased availability of care; improved access to care; potential or demonstrated impact on the prevention of illness, accidents, or other threats to health; improvement in the overall health status of a patient population(s); improvements in the quality of human life; or relief of human suffering.

These prestigious awards, presented annually at a gala in Cromwell, Connecticut, represent the highest honor that the nursing profession in Connecticut can bestow on one of its own – a kind of “Nobel Prize” in nursing. Congratulations to Laura!