Program Director for the National Student Leadership Conference, incoming RN at YSN

September 1, 2017

Amy Bronick one of YSN’s incoming RNs, is the Program Director for the National Student Leadership Conference (NSLC) on Nursing. The NSLC is a leadership conference for high school students, dedicated to helping them determine which career they would like to pursue. There are multiple different programs located at various universities throughout the world. The first Nursing Program was implemented during the summer of 2016 here at YSN. Since then, the program has expanded and it continued to run this past summer.

The high schoolers were afforded the opportunity to explore the Assessment Lab and to participate in various simulations, in addition to learning many of the essential skills of the RN and APRN. Many faculty members and GEPN student volunteers were involved in making this program happen, including YSN faculty members Phil Martinez, Ginger Sherrick, and Sarah Korpak. The students also heard from various guest speakers, including Theresa Brown, Marianne Cosgrove, Millie Hepburn, and many more. More information about the specifics of this program can be found here. Feel free to contact Amy at ( with any questions.