Webber Award Winners Announced

February 14, 2017

YSN and Dean Ann Kurth are pleased to announce the recipients of the Webber Innovation Fund.

A total of 12 projects will be funded to benefit the YSN community and, in particular, our Graduate Entry Prespecialty Nursing (GEPN) students, thanks to the generous bequest of Clytie C. Webber (’46) who recognized the special impact GEPN graduates have in nursing and nursing education.

Innovation has always been at the heart of YSN and the GEPN program and this award continues that tradition by fostering and facilitating forward thinking ideas from within. The award was open to all members of the YSN community; faculty, staff and students. Student applicants were required to have a faculty or staff sponsor.

The recipients are as follows:

Application: Maternity and Newborn Focus with Applications for Midwifery, Women’s Health, Adult and Pediatrics

Submitted by: Michelle Telfer, Erin Morelli, Erin McMahon, Nicole Ganzekaufer & Kendra Urdang.

Will provide: Necessary practice model equipment/simulation upgrades in order to enhance clinical skills and prepare GEPN students for clinical practice. Additional benefit to relevant specialties.

Application: Maternity and Newborn Focus with Applications for Adult and Pediatrics

Submitted by: Michelle Telfer, Erin Morelli & Erin McMahon, Nicole Ganzekaufer & Kendra Urdang.

Will provide: The purchase of “Victoria S2200.” The most advanced female birthing simulator available. “Victoria” also has applications beyond maternity, midwifery and pediatrics which will benefit multiple specialties and disciplines.

Application: Mother’s Room Upgrades

Submitted by: Jenessa Payano Stark

Will provide: Necessary upgrades to provide a welcoming and supporting lactation room for breastfeeding parents within the YSN community.

Application: Interprofessional Longitudinal Clinical Experience (ILCE) session “Caring for Each Other: Interpersonal Tools for Interprofessional Teams”

Submitted by: Jennie Glass and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Will provide: ILCE workshop to offer tools and training for students who will eventually encounter behavioral challenges and disruptions working in interprofessional environments.  

Application: CardioSim VII & PneumoSim

Submitted by: Sarah Korpak

Will provide: The purchase of the CardioSim VII & PneumoSim which will allow instructors to create custom heart and lung sounds in addition to simultaneously projecting animations of the heart and ECG rhythm. It will be used for the GEPN program as well as other relevant specialties.

Application: Teaching Stethoscopes

Submitted by: Wendy Mackey

Will provide: The purchase of twelve (12) 3M Teaching Littman stethoscopes which will allow for more immediate instructor involvement/guidance by allowing the instructor to simultaneously hear what the student is hearing. 

Application: Walk, Sit and Stand Steady

Submitted by: Aliza Rosenstein, Gina Novick

Will provide: Transform the back rows of the main GEPN and first specialty classrooms into “active learning zones” where students can stand (at standing desks) and take notes comfortably during class. Exercise balls will serve as alternative seats that promote core engagement while sitting. Signage at the elevator banks will alert students to stairwell locations and encourage taking advantage of opportunities for physical activity.

Application: Cultivate Health Kitchen Pavillion

Submitted by: Aliza Rosenstein, Michelle Kennedy, Justin Frieberg

Will provide: Equipment to support a series of farm-based experiential nutrition workshops and programming integrated into GEPN clinical courses, with mobile capacity to bring student-led healthy eating lessons to local communities.

Application: Wellness First and Wellness Area Upgrades

Submitted by: Saveena Dhall, Arielle Cheifetz, Chala Massinopole, Shannon Meagher, Carolyn Kirwan, Angelique Saavedra, Rob Krause

Will provide: Upgrades to YSN Wellness area allowing students to practice self-care, meditation and conduct group sessions to enhance self-care practices as well as multiple other applications for the space.

Application: Histology/Microscopy Lecture Equipment

Submitted by: Sharen McKay

Will provide: Purchase of digital projection microscope and slide sets to enhance GEPN training.

Application: Bridging the Gap

Submitted by: Jerri Marrocco

Will provide: Equipment upgrades including robots and Fly Wire devices to help support GEPN student learning and situational exposure as they transition into Advanced Practice specialties.

Application: GEPN Career Initiatives & Innovations

Submitted by: YSN Office of Student Affairs

Will provide: Career services workshops and assessing models of ongoing longitudinal career services delivery for YSN students. Funds will also be used to further additional GEPN innovations.

Congratulations to all Webber Fund recipients!