YSN staff member honored with the Linda Lorimer Award for Distinguished Service

November 27, 2017

Yale School of Nursing’s Sandy Esposito was one of 32 Yale staff to be  honored by Yale President Peter Salovey and Linda K. Lorimer on November 15 with the Linda Lorimer Award for staff excellence and distinguished service to the university. Salovey remarked that the employees’ unique and important contributions–innovation, leadership, teamwork, commitment, and exemplary servicer—represent the true spirit of Yale.

The 2017 admissions period for the Yale School of Nursing occurred at a time of challenging organizational transition, with over 650 applications received and a four-month gap in supervisory leadership. During this period, Esposito played a critical role in managing the admissions process all while improving the student application experience and significantly contributing to achieving the school’s strong applicant pool and yield. The entering class is the most diverse to date for the school.