Printing and Faxing

Student Printing at YSN

Student printers are located in the Learning Commons. Learn more about student printing here.

In support of our conservation efforts, we have decided to implement paid printing at the Yale School of Nursing.  To help keep your costs down, please keep the following in mind:

  • Print only what you need.
  • Print only one copy of your document. If you have to hand out copies to your classmates, use the copy machines for making multiple copies of documents.
  • To save toner, when printing PowerPoint presentations, change the print preferences to print multiple slides per page and select to print “pure black and white” only.
  • If you are having trouble printing, ask for help. Don’t continue to send a print job to the printer if it appears that nothing is coming out. The printer may be offline, out of paper, jammed, or processing someone else’s print job.
  • Students who consistently violate these policies or print excessive amounts of pages may have their printing privileges suspended. Only the Director of ITS or the Computing Support Technician(s) can restore printing privileges.

Student Faxing at YSN

Students can fax from the multifunction printer in the Learning Commons. You will need to use your printing account (via your photo ID). Faxing is free.